Package Tours

We understand how important flexibility and privacy are to you while traveling around New Zealand, and all our package tours are well-designed that offer you to discover the splendour of New Zealand. They can be privately guided or self drive. You may choose from one of our existing itineraries; they are flexible and we can refine the details to match your desires. Or we can create a whole new itinerary with your preferred activities, style of accommodation and length of tour tailored exclusively for you. If you wish to have a tailor-made itinerary, please fill out a form for tailor-made tours.

Privately Guided
You may choose to take one of our tours privately guided. A personal drive guide will accompany you from the beginning to the end of your trip and will ensure every aspect of your holiday runs smoothly, provide you friendly advice and give you a fresh insight into this beautiful country. Our drive guides are passionate and knowledgeable about this beautiful country and can't wait to show you the best of New Zealand. 
Self-drive (Car Rental)
New Zealand is made for driving holiday! Best way to discover this country and its diversity at your own pace and with the advantage of having a flexible touring experience. Our team will take care of all your travel arrangements (car rental reservations, accommodations and activities) and answer all your questions that you may have before your departure and after you arrive in New Zealand. Discover the beauty of this Kiwi country with no worries as we are on the road with you.